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     Steve Morgeson is our Director of Training and Vice President of Sales. He has dedicated his time to bringing advanced technologies into the United States and was personally trained and certified to use the Sensitiv Imago by the doctors at the Alians-D Medical Center in Kiev, Ukraine. He has since trained other practitioners to use the Sensitiv Imago throughout the continental United States as well as in Barbados. Steve strives to improve the healing process by using the newest technologies available.

     Our team can fully train you to work with your new Sensitiv Imago unit and can also offer suggestions on how it can complement your growing practice. Our three day training courses are offered at our office in Chandler, AZ or we can travel to you as well. Additional Skype training sessions and/or remote access trainings at our hourly rate can also be discussed. Call Steve at (480) 359-4790 today for detailed information.



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