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Sensitiv Imago

 Sensitiv Imago

The Sensitiv Imago 500CE and 515 are the same models with identical abilities and functions. The only difference is that the SI 500CE is produced in compliance with the requirements and standards of European Union and has European Certification.  This award-winning bioresonance technology device comes complete with the newly improved LifeStream software.

The Sensitiv Imago works in a high and ultra-high frequency diapason, has a "floating" generator and provides stable biological feedback between patient and device. In addition, it doesn't matter whether the right or the left cerebral hemisphere is more active. The device comes with a bipolar electrode and an additional single-pole electrode, Quantum Optical modulator (QOM), bimodal and modulated in-feed with high frequencies. Magneto Optical chamber (MOC) of new generation allows to test any preparations except foil-coated. There is also myo-relaxation mode, auto scanning, negative information reset and the Sensitiv Imago now uses a System of Bistabile Analyzers (SBA) instead of the outdated trigger sensors.

There are three modes of SBA sensors calibration

  • Coarse Tuning:  The system calibrates SBA sensors in keeping with an ambient background, geographical position and frequency response of the examinant.
  • Transitional Tuning:  The system calibrates in keeping with biological radiating of the object (human).
  • Delicate Tuning:  The system analyzes the condition of sensors and automatically calibrates them before each information retrieval. 

Client history sheets can also be encoded and written to different data carriers.  There is also a 13-frequency diapason of selectors and a liquid crystal display mount into the main block to transfer confidential information to the operator.

The device works with the new LifeStream software and has an accuracy rating of 94-96%.

Conditions of usage of Sensitiv Imago device

  • The exploitation of the "Sensitiv Imago" device must be underway in temperature of air from +5 to +40 °C.
  • Relative air humidity must be from 40% to 80% with the temperature +25 °C 
  • Atmosphere pressure must be from 84 kilopaskals to 107 kilopaskals (630-800 mm. of mercury). 
  • The exploitation of the "Sensitiv Imago" device must be underway in enclosed space, which meets a requirement of a consulting room, not a procedure room. 

Cababilities of the Sensitiv Imago with LifeStream 

Multi-variant analysis of homeostasis of systems and organs Yes
Detects the diseases and its associate risk value Yes
Values the biological activity of microflora Yes
Noninvasive analysis method:  Biochemical blood analysis and microflora analysis (presence of viruses, bacteria, invaders) Yes
Analyzes genetic predisposition Yes
Detects allergens Yes
Characterizes functional and organic changes in the organs Yes
Determines the acid / alkali balance in the tissues Yes
Allows to select an individual course of treatment and to define an individually effective dose of drugs by testing the medication in the bioresonance chamber of the device. Yes
Determination of prognosis of disease at 1 -5 years out Yes
Bioresonance (BRT) and Mora therapies Yes
Yin-yang energy of target-organs Yes
Pathological process stage Yes
Gives recommendations about the diet inclusive of blood group (exclude - recommend) Yes
Eliminate from diet in relation to blood type Yes
Healthful food recommendations based on the individual Yes
Identifies toxic stress loads Yes
Selection of the most effective regimen of remedies within the software database of software.  Can also test any remedies in special bioresonance chamber to determine the effect on the patient's body. Yes
Contains the spectrograms of food, medicinal, common, production and endogenous toxins Yes
The number of spectrograms is 10,200 variants. Yes
The database is supplemented by digital structuring and drainage spectronosodes. Yes
Has informational spectronosodes of 1st frequency selector for stabilization of condition of skin. Yes
Block SBA detectors Yes
Has the broadband filters of spectronosodes of 24 leading companies - producers of dietary supplements, which are connected with all computer models of database. Yes
Preparation of individual electronic medicinal preparation for the individual patient (spectronosodes) Yes
Allows to select an individual course of treatment and to define an individually-effective dose of drugs by testing the medication in the bioresonance chamber of the device. Yes
Reliability 94-96%
Block of "floating" generator Yes
Block of digital filters 2*10-10000 Hz
Block analog filters Yes
Block automatic calibration 3
Detector IPP and BRB, indicator of patient location Yes
Detector quantum-optical modulator Yes


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