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Sensitiv Imago further explained

Sensitiv Imago further explained

Sensitiv Imago equipment using electromagnetic waves can generate neuronal activity in the brain of the patient. And vice versa, the neurons manifests their selective ability to enhance hardly detectable signals of the body (the phenomenon of bioresonance).It should be noted that the creation of this diagnostic method was preceded by many years of research, the aims of which are: 

  • The exact identification of the localization of subcortical structures responsible for regulating the activity of a particular organ
  • To establish a link between the intensity of the signal received from the hypothalamus, and the severity of the pathological process in a particular organ
  • To create a virtual model of healthy organs and various forms of diseases

In addition, there is a huge statistical data on the distribution of diseases in different groups according to sex and age of the patient, which allows us to predict the state of the human body by introducing of primary information such as sex and age.
Full spectrum of electromagnetic patient’s oscillations, that are the combination of all the oscillations of the atoms, molecules, tissues, organs and body systems, consists of two different types of oscillations: the physiological and the pathological one.

Physiological ("harmonic") fluctuations are those one that come from healthy organs. Each organ has a specific, peculiar for it only spectrum of electromagnetic oscillations, which can be displayed as a graph.

   1 Adenohypophysis Hypophysis

 Adenohypophysis Hypophysis

For each organ of the human body there is defined frequency band, recorded in the table. For example, for the heart it is 700-800 Hz, which increases in case of stenocardia up to the level of 1500 Hz.

For the kidneys is 600-700 Hz with an increase in case of inflammation up to 900 Hz, for the liver is 300 - 400 Hz with an increase in case of inflammation up to 600 Hz.

The graph displays the reference processes written into the software as the basic data.

Testing with bioresonance and comparison of patient characteristics of the wave with the reference process has become crucial for the development of such modern diagnostic method of energy-information diagnostics as Nonlinear Analysis (NLS). This is one of the latest advances in medicine, which allows capturing and reflecting in the form of maps and tables the slightest changes in biological structures of living organisms. Frequency characteristics of healthy organs are systematized and divided into 13 filters (groups). This is shown in the table.

 2 whole body

  • Peripheral nervous system, receptors
  • Endocrine Organs
  • Lungs, Immunity
  • Kidneys, Bladder
  • Liver, Gall Bladder
  • Uterus, Prostate
  • Small Intestine, Pancreas
  • Stomach, Large Intestine
  • Blood, Spleen
  • Heart, Vessels
  • Bones, Joints
  • Skin, Hair, Nails

    Each filter contains information simultaneously of several organs (the next in frequency).  During the testing the electromagnetic characteristics of the organ (or system) can be transformed into the graph. Each person has individual graphs, they do not repeat, because it is the sum of all the processes - diagnoses (and their degree of severity) and microorganisms that are present in the body at the moment. Automatically the software compares the reference processes (graphs) recorded in the software database, with graphs, obtained from the patient. When there is coincidence of the graphs, then there are the processes of reference for review, by which we judge the state of the organism.

    Any pathological process has its own specific vibration. In memory of the computer graphics there are more than 10 200 pathological processes taking into account the severity of the disease, age, sex and other characteristics.

    Pathological ("disharmonious") oscillations occur when the delicate processes of management change due to interference of oscillations which are not peculiar to the organism. These violations in the future lead to physical manifestations of the disease, if the regulatory system of the body was not able to adequately compensate them.

  3 Arthritis Arthrosis

Arthritis Arthrosis

You should also say that in a healthy body in an inactive state there are a large number of different microbes and viruses. And changing frequencies can affect their activity. By lowering the frequency to 450 Hz can activate viruses, at 350 Hz - microbes.


Graphs of the microorganisms 

4 Streptococcus Aureus Ascaris Lumbricoides

Streptococcus Aureus Ascaris Lumbricoides


Criteria for successful therapy

Any treatment must correspond to several basic principles in order to be successful.


Thereapy should be complete

Practically, this means that any organism is a complex self-regulating system, and with any impact on such a system into the process many anatomical, functional, physiological and pathological relationships are involved. For example, the immune, endocrine, and other information and control systems should be considered in any treatment. Any therapy that controls the mechanisms of bioresonance has a global approach to treatment, because it only activates (triggers) its own processes of regulation, rather than drives, and doesn’t imposes on the organism back-breaking and unnatural for it algorithms of action.


Therapy should be casual

Management processes in the body are located at different levels of hierarchy, where the upstream mechanisms operate downstream mechanisms. Visible symptoms (the patient's complaints) are conditioned, as a rule, by dysfunction of the lower links, so the impact on them won’t be a key character. This approach is symptomatic for medicine, but it removes only the symptom, and does not provide consistent effect. The reason is usually at higher levels of management, it can be at different levels depending on the situation. But invariably, the higher the mechanism that affects our treatment, the more durable and versatile affect it gives.


Therapy should be individualized

the higher the level of the hierarchy of regulatory processes on which therapeutic interventions are directed, the more individualized should be the last. In fact, if we act on the symptomatic level, it is obvious that the pattern is acceptable. When the level of our treatment becomes higher and multi-faceted, the more individualized this treatment should be. Thus, it should be understood that any therapy, that can induce the phenomenon of bioresonance, is a highly individual form of therapy by definition.


Therapy should be based on the effect of regulation

Health or disease is always dependent on proper ability of the organism to regulatory processes. Recovery can only be achieved by restoring its own regulatory power of the body, and this is the first task of any therapy.  Properly executed therapy, thus fully satisfies all these requirements. It is always a holistic, causal, individual and regulating therapy. In addition, all of the above principles are fundamental to the so-called, holistic approach to the man known in ancient medicine.  When testing we use drugs, whose wave characteristics are recorded in the software or from a magneto-optical camera, in the presence of the drug.


 5 Aspirin Chitosan

Aspirin Chitosan

If these aspects of electromagnetic fields, for example, of the patient and medication, are similar to some extent, the phenomenon of resonance is possible between them, and in fact, the more similar they are, the more possible is the resonance. If they are not alike, the resonance is practically impossible.  Treatment of the patient also includes the creation of energy-information products known as spectronosodes.

Sensitiv Imago has magneto-optical bioresonance camera that can record a wave characteristics of preparations in a matrix: water, alcohol and homeopathic sugar nibs. As a result, the device can make an information product called a spectronosode.  The action of which is directed at the treatment of particular patient.  The spectronosode successfully replaces a large number of drugs. At the same time there are no complications in the form of dysbiosis or an allergy to a chemical.  One of the safe and effective treatments is bioresonance therapy.

Sensitiv Imago is a broadband channel that allows you to receive, amplify, and invert and return back to the patient his own electromagnetic oscillations. In this case it is essential that this process takes place without delay, actually, in "real time". Thus, abnormal vibrations will destroy themselves through their antipodes - inverted pathological oscillations. Immediately it should be noted that normal (physiological) electromagnetic waves of the patient, being harmonic, in conditions of biological system (of the organism) are not suppressed.


6 bioresonace

Treatment of bioresonance (BRT and Mora therapies) has three principles at its core

  • Use of the patient’s own electromagnetic waves
  • Separation of patient’s waves on the physiological and pathological
  • Inversion of pathological waves and intensification of physiological one

Dr. Morrell writes about it the following: "Therapy, which frees the organism from the factors that block the body's energy and prevent it, in principle, should be carried out before any other therapy, as it provides better initial conditions for any subsequent course of conventional treatment, but very there is no other therapy required after MORA-Therapy."

From the foregoing information it is not necessary to conclude that bioresonance therapy can completely replace the use of drugs, but experience shows that it can significantly reduce their use. The fact that the body of the weakened chronic patient does not have all the information needed to struggle with the disease. In these cases a bioresonance therapy is usually not enough and it is necessary to take drugs that, introducing additional information, allow you to activate the blocked body reserves, greatly increasing the effectiveness of treatment.

Developing the method of bioresonance therapy, its creators were faced with the peculiarities of electromagnetic waves emitted by biological objects. In fact, the suppression of the technical oscillations is instantaneous and complete, but living organisms have the ability to accumulate pathological information. Therefore it is always possible to destroy only those fluctuations that exist at the moment and available for exposure. Since, in addition, information is collected, make sure there will be additional "next entry" of pathological information.

The accumulation of information is "responsible" in case when symptoms of the disease we have tried to eliminate with the help of bioresonance therapy come back again, that, and for how quickly it happens. Therefore, in acute illness is usually enough 5-7 sessions, the elderly and patients with chronic diseases can take 8-10 or more sessions.


Equipment Features

systems / organs / blood indicators / complications / allergens / microorganisms

Dietary supplements / Medicine / Other

MORA therapy / Bioresonance therapy / Preparations / Spectronosodes


 7 test treat



Individuals who have pacemakers or who have epilepsy are unable to be scanned with these devices.

 8 contradictions


What is in the equipment?

The head units are magnetic inductors (bioresonance method). They are the source of electromagnetic field. Each of the headphones sends electromagnetic waves that have an impact on the hypothalamic region, and simultaneously record the received signal from the brain. This signal is very weak in magnitude, so there is a strengthening of own vortex of electromagnetic fields of the body in magnetic inductors.

In the head unit are placed SBA sensor.  There are 500 pieces in the Sensitiv Imago 500.  There are also quasi-stabilizers. Each of the earphones is also a transmitter, a receiver and an amplifier, together with the received information. This allows you to ignore, which of the hemispheres of the brain is dominant.

Together with the electromagnetic wave comes sound effect of certain wavelength (from Do-Re ... DO). A sound wave reaches the hypothalamic area in two ways:  Through acoustic duct and through bone conduction. It is possible to individually adjust the sound (for ones with acute hearing and deafness).

In magnetic inductors is mounted a block of the feedback with patient, which does not allow the patient to turn away from the monitor screen during testing.

Electromagnetic field, which is formed around a cable from the left earphone eliminates the possibility of energy-information exchange between the operator and surveyed - protects the operator (doctor) from negative energy of the patient, namely from disease.

Hand-held sensors (impedance method) have 3-channel recording information. Cylindrical electrode consists of two parts (both active and passive), separated by an insulator. The activity of the electrodes is changed automatically. This electrode gives and receives electrical current. Plate electrode closes electrical circuit.

When removing the information, all the liquid part of the body is activated. Man on the 72-85% consists of a liquid. This allows you to increase the amount of recording information and taking into account the homeostasis of the organism is an additional way to get information. There is a block of the feedback from the patient in the device. During testing, position indicator of the patient captures patient’s energy-field and increases the reliability of the received information. Position indicator of the patient is mounted in a separate plastic case and set no further than 70 cm from the surveyed in the plane of the monitor.

Magneto-optical cameras are located at the top of the unit.

N-camera is designed to test drugs - removes the electromagnetic characteristics of the drug placed in it and passes this information into a database program. As a result of the mathematical data processing software generates the forecast change in the state of the organism after treatment with this drug. It is possible to determine not only the dosage of the drug, but also the best time of its receipt.

S-camera is intended for individual energy-information products (spectronosodes) with a further selection of individual dosage and time of receipt.

USB - Key is an individual protection method for the program and device.

 9 usb

Power supply of Sensitiv Imago device is using a standard remote power supply with system short-circuit protection and alarm mode.

Block of automatic adjustment is available only in the complete set. Block triple sensor calibration is controlled by a separate microprocessor. The display helps to obtain confidential information. To enhance the alternative properties the interface unit is equipped with 30,000 quasi-stabilizers tuned to the high frequency.


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