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Bio-Feedback - Bio-Corrector - Bio-Recorder - Millimeter Wave Therapy



The Cem-Tech is a small handheld therapy instrument that communicates directly with the cells in the body using millimeter wave technique. It has shown to be effective in the areas of immune system normalization, increased microcirculation and balancing the metabolism. It can reduce aging, reduce the healing time for stroke and brain hemorrhages and decrease the healing time for wounds and bone fractures by 2—3 times.

It is also very effective in pain management, including joint and muscle pain, migraines, etc. and is also used cosmetically to remove warts, skin spots, skin fungi, bacteria and parasites.  The Cem-Tech can safely be used by everybody and has no known side effects

Included with your purchase

  1. A 30-page manual with full documentation on how to run each of the unit’s 11 programs, including spine restoration and water structuring. The document also includes a full detox program, including urine, intestinal, blood, lymph and endocrine cleansing protocols as well as details on how the immune system works.

  2. A 16-page document titled, “Nanotechnology in Medicine” which describes the benefits of the technology and descriptions of many clinical conditions and the results from using the Cem-Tech handheld units as therapy. 

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